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The services of a tax law attorney in the current complex economic relations between the subjects of tax law in an international and national aspect and their relations with the revenue administrations are recommended and in some cases mandatory for individuals and legal entities. We are ready to provide the necessary legal assistance in cases with a high degree of complexity, in the preparation of documents, procedural representation and/or appeal of audit acts. The omissions in the work of the tax officials and the insufficient information of the taxpayers lead to non-compliance with procedural deadlines and violation of tax laws. The nuances of procedures and peculiarities of communication with the state administration are well known to attorneys working in this field. Turning to us for legal assistance largely guarantees a successful end result.
It is a well-known fact that tax legislation in the field of taxation is always dynamic.
Our team closely monitors both the changes in the Bulgarian legislation and the general policy of the European Union in the area of taxation.

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We are qualified attorneys in the field of tax law in Bulgaria, offering full legal assistance in the field of taxation. Our services include legal advice and support in tax audits, optimization of tax obligations and appeals against acts of tax authorities.

Excise duties

Excise duty is an indirect tax levied on the sale or use of goods such as alcohol, tobacco products and energy products. It is within the competence of the European Union to announce which products are subject to excise duty. The legislation of the European Union defines the minimum excise duty rates, and each of the member countries could impose higher ones if they decide to.

Customs duties

Customs duty is an indirect tax on the import and export of goods established by the executive authorities. It serves to protect local business and control the export of raw materials. The impact is to increase the prices of imported products, making it difficult for them to succeed in the market. Control over customs duties and customs clearance of goods is carried out by the Customs Agency.


Our law firm specializes in the field of taxes, excises and customs, and provides assistance in obtaining licenses and permits in this area. We can help you with licenses to operate a tax warehouse, registration of consignees and permits to trade in excise goods. We can provide you with full legal assistance in obtaining the necessary permits.

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